The daily life of a medical resident..

a.k.a "It's 2 AM and I'm looking at urine outputs."

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Kat Burgett
21 June
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Welcome, everyone. fortuna_juvat here and this is my journal for all things related to my experiences as a med school student at Wayne State, and subsequently as a resident at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

I wanted to make this journal mostly for my own reasons - my time in medical school is going to determine for the most part, what kind of doctor I'm going to be eventually. I hope by keeping a journal, I'll be able to keep track of what's going to be a hectic 4 7 years, but also how the ways that I think about medicine and healthcare change as well.

This journal's title, inked_caduceus refers to a tattoo I got just after I received word that I was accepted to Wayne's medical school - a tattoo that will serve as a reminder to me of why I'm going into medicine and my dedication to becoming a real doctor someday.

All the information about patients will be anonymous, naturally, and I won't spare details about my cadaver courses or other symptoms. I will put anything I think that would be nausea or nightmare inducing behind a livejournal cut-tag, however. :)

Happy reading!

PS. There are those who have accused me of being a "shill for the drug companies". I will now direct their attention to this totally legit, real drug campaign exxorcyst and I are helping to launch.

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