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The daily life of a medical resident..
a.k.a "It's 2 AM and I'm looking at urine outputs."
It's kind of scary, actually. 
Thu, Dec. 15th 2011
Pages of my life that in retrospect, were taken directly from episodes of the TV show Scrubs. (Episode name in parentheses)

Cast of characters: genders occasionally switched. Yes, I'm JD. It's my journal, I get to be the main character.

My best buddy is a surgical resident. We frequently greet each other with over-the-top displays of mock-affection.

My co-Medicine chief (and wonderful friend) is a leggy blonde (though I will note that we have NOT slept together) (my office)

One of the ER nurses decided to take pity on me as a clueless intern and is now a really good friend. (who just recently had a baby)

Memorial has its own version of "The Todd" Yes, he's a surgeon. And he makes ridiculous sexist comments around any female employee. And then wants to give you a high-five.

Our ICU Doc loves giving people nicknames. And talks faster than anyone I've ever met.

I secretly suspect that one of the janitors has a grudge against me, after an incident with a floor waxer my intern year.

Memorable incidents:

On my very first day on the wards, I was on overnight call, and scared out of my mind. (My first day) The scene starting at 1:45 is still the most accurate depiction of what it's like to be on call ever.

I took call overnight on my first Christmas, and very much lost any "Christmas Spirit" when I had when I had to tell a mother her young son was dead. (my own personal jesus)

One of my first students was a cocky jerk who didn't want to do their work and I got to set him straight. (my student)

After becoming fairly adept at intubations, I hit a streak where I just couldn't get it right as an upper level, much to my frustration and worry about my abilities as a doctor. A crashing patient and me being the only person around to intubate got me out of my head & back in the game. (my porcelain god)

All the male residents have a crush on one of the pharmaceutical reps who brings us lunch. (my first step)

I use the word "Bajingo" More often than I say vagina, probably. (my dirty secret)

We frequently hang out up on the roof. (Sadly, there is no toilet up there)

I had a patient who I trusted and vouched for burn me on scripts for narcotic pain medications. (my moment of un-truth)

The best urologist in town is female. (My urologist)

I helped smuggle in a beloved pet to a patient on a hospital ward, consequences be damned. (my no good reason)

We admitted a beloved colleague to the ICU after a tragic car accident, trying our best to separate personal feelings from providing the care they needed. (my long goodbye)

Surgeons do have favorite scrub caps and are legitimately superstitious about them. (my butterfly)

As chiefs, we simultaneously protect the interns from critical attendings while having them compete in amusing ways to get out of call/go home early. Though instead of physical fighting, it was wearing a hideous christmas sweater for a week straight or holding their breath until they drop their O2 sat on a pulse oximeter. (My Ocardial Infarction)
Wayne State University Class 2009
Fri, Dec. 16th 2011 (UTC)
This was incredibly enjoyable! I actually show "My Dirty Secret" in my Human Sexuality class early on in the semester. Bajingo is the only name for the vag that I can remember on a given day. It leads into a discussion of why it's important for people to know the proper names for body parts (other than on the anatomy assessment I don't accept pee-pee for penis - and yeah, someone's tried that).
Fri, Dec. 16th 2011 (UTC)
No toilet on the roof? What is the world coming to?! =P
Fri, Dec. 16th 2011 (UTC)
So where do you have your epiphanies?
Fri, Dec. 16th 2011 (UTC)
This is awesome.

I've had analogous experiences in my music career with life imitating This Is Spinal Tap. For example, I once played a gig where I honestly, literally received second billing to a puppet show. That one still cracks me up.
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