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The daily life of a medical resident..
a.k.a "It's 2 AM and I'm looking at urine outputs."
7 things that cross my mind frequently: 1. Any one of my 6… 
Tue, Jan. 25th 2011
7 things that cross my mind frequently:

1. Any one of my 6 password/user name combinations I use on a semi-regular basis. Which are required to be changed on a semi-regular basis. (And this is WITHOUT an Electronic Medical Record in the clinic)

2. Where the crap I left my pen. True story: while on an especially demanding ward month, I would have a daily census printed off, with a to-do list, and whatever notes I took during the day. As the month wore on, I would simple fold the previous day in half and put the new sheet in front. (Proved useful, as I'd note family phone numbers and lab values as I went) I misplaced the whole stack on about day 17 and nearly had a meltdown.

3. What I'm going to do with my life. I frequently vacillate between hospitalist (which is a very tempting position right now as I wouldn't even need to move or take a new ID picture) outpatient clinic with or without inpatient duties (only tempting on days that my lovely, compliant and non-crazy clinic patients come to their appointments) and then, just to throw a monkey wrench in the whole damn thing, I think about how much I enjoy teaching and how lovely an academic position in a residency program would be.

4. What I'm going to make for dinner. I try to be a semi decent wife to Dear Husband, and will at very least ensure that we're both fed each night. (Vacuuming is right out.) Happily, I've had some lighter months and thus was able to work on culinary skills. Even though his very favourite dish of all time is my thrown-together-in-20-minutes Peanut Chicken and Rice.

5. "Oh, yay, lunch at noon conference!" If the residents experience the good fortune that is a drug-rep catered lunch at noon conference. Yes, you may recall my previous diatribes against the pharmaceutical industry. And while their fiscal expenditures courting physicians is part of the problem, I feel pretty comfortable in the reforms that happened. And dammit, there's chicken terriyaki over there, and I can't face another limp-lettuce salad from the cafeteria.

6. I should go to the gym (see numbers 4 and 5). There is such a thing as the intern 15. Frequently, these pounds stick most to those who drink beer during their time off. (ahem, the surgeons and radiologists) Thanks to the efforts of Jess, my fellow intern and gym enthusiast, I routinely spend some time in memorial's gym. Unlike her, I do not enjoy it, or the heinous lunges she makes me do. But, I still fit into clothes I wore in med school, so Victory.

7. "Ok, who has 434?" I swear, finding charts on 5 surgery, 4 medicine or the cardio floor on three is like pulling teeth between 7 and 11 AM. If there are more than two consultants on a patient's case, I seriously consider putting a lo-jack on it.
Wayne State University Class 2009
Wed, Jan. 26th 2011 (UTC)
1. Yeah. I miss my medical school, with the Everything-In-One-Computer system CareWeb.

2. I know! I think I lose a pen a day. Seriously.

3. Those options don't seem mutually exclusive. You could be an academic hospitalist! :-)

Seriously -- many of the best teachers I had in medical school and residency were hospitalists. (Although, really, good to great teaching was common to practically every attending I've ever had. Even most of the surgeons!)

4, 5, 6: Fellowship is an excellent weight loss plan. Never stop moving, no time to eat, too tired to eat when you get home, works like a charm. ;-)

(It's actually a little alarming to have lost five pounds since starting, especially since I'm kinda a scrawny guy to start with...)

Plus, there's no good place to get a decent chocolate shake after hours -- or even during hours -- here at Hopkins. I can get pretty much any drug or medical procedure known to man 24/7, but I can't get a decent smoothie? WTF, mate? :-)
Wed, Jan. 26th 2011 (UTC)
Tell me you added the "mate" in honor of Australia Day. :)

Just because I wasn't convinced of how completely awesome you were before. :-P

Wed, Jan. 26th 2011 (UTC)
Hee! I wish I could take credit for being that clever. Only a happy coincidence. :-)

And it's always great to hear from you. :-)
Fri, Jan. 28th 2011 (UTC)
4 - I'm thinking you have much more time than my husband. If I had to wait for him to get home to get supper, I'd have starved by now. :<)
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